Instance Property


A bit mask of the button (or buttons) required to recognize this press.


var buttonMask: Int { get set }


Bit 0 represents the primary button, bit 1 is the secondary button, and so on. So to track clicks of the secondary button, assign the value 0x2 (which corresponds to a 1 in bit 1) to this property. The default value of this property is 0x1, which detects clicks in the primary mouse button.

Changing the value of this property also sets the values of the delaysPrimaryMouseButtonEvents, delaysSecondaryMouseButtonEvents, and delaysOtherMouseButtonEvents properties to true for each of the buttons you specified.

See Also

Configuring the Gesture Recognizer

var minimumPressDuration: TimeInterval

The minimum time (in seconds) that the mouse button must be held down in the view for the gesture to be recognized.

var allowableMovement: CGFloat

The maximum movement of the mouse in the view before the gesture fails.