An encapsulation of the behavior and progression of a Force Touch trackpad as it responds to specific events.


Use an NSPressureConfiguration object to configure the behavior and progression of a Force Touch trackpad when it responds to a mouse drag or pressure event sequence. Pressure configurations are assigned to views (NSView) and gesture recognizers (NSGestureRecognizer).


Creating a Pressure Configuration Object

init(pressureBehavior: NSEvent.PressureBehavior)

Initializes a pressure configuration object with a specified pressure behavior.

func set()

Changes the pressure configuration of the trackpad to the initialized pressure configuration.

Accessing Pressure Configuration Object Properties

var pressureBehavior: NSEvent.PressureBehavior

The pressure behavior of the pressure configuration object.


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class NSHapticFeedbackManager

An object that provides access to the haptic feedback management attributes on a system with a Force Touch trackpad.