Instance Property


The imageable area of a sheet of paper specified by the receiver.


var imageablePageBounds: NSRect { get }


This property takes into account the current printer, paper size, and orientation settings, but not scaling factors. “Imageable area” is the maximum area that can possibly be marked on by the printer hardware, not the area defined by the current margin settings.

The origin (0, 0) of the rectangle is in the lower-left corner of the oriented sheet. The imageable bounds may extend past the edges of the sheet when, for example, a printer driver specifies it so that borderless printing can be done reliably.

See Also

Managing the Printing Rectangle

var bottomMargin: CGFloat

The height of the bottom margin.

var leftMargin: CGFloat

The width of the left margin.

var paperName: NSPrinter.PaperName?

The name of the currently selected paper size.

var localizedPaperName: String?

The human-readable name of the currently selected paper size, suitable for presentation in user interfaces.

var paperSize: NSSize

The size of the paper.

var rightMargin: CGFloat

The width of the right margin.

var topMargin: CGFloat

The top margin to the specified size.