Instance Method


Displays a Print panel sheet and runs it modally for the specified window.


func beginSheet(with printInfo: NSPrintInfo, modalFor docWindow: NSWindow, delegate: Any?, didEnd didEndSelector: Selector?, contextInfo: UnsafeMutableRawPointer?)



The printing information for the current job.


The window on which to display the sheet.


A modal delegate object assigned to handle the closing of the Print panel sheet.


The selector to call on the modal delegate object when the sheet is dismissed. The signature of this method is listed in the Discussion section.


A pointer to context data the didEndSelector method needs to process the sheet. This data is user-defined and may be NULL.


When the modal session ends, if modalDelegate and didEndSelector contain non-nil values, the method specified by didEndSelector is invoked on the object in modalDelegate. The data you specify in contextInfo is passed as a parameter to the didEndSelector method. The object in modalDelegate is not the same as a delegate assigned to the panel. Modal delegates for sheets are temporary and the relationship lasts only until the sheet is dismissed.

The didEndSelector argument must have the following signature:

- (void)printPanelDidEnd:(NSPrintPanel *)printPanel returnCode:(NSInteger)returnCode  contextInfo: (void *)contextInfo;

The value passed as returnCode is either NSCancelButton or NSOKButton. The value NSOKButton is returned even if the user clicked the Preview button.

See Also

Running the Panel

func runModal() -> Int

Displays the receiver's Print panel and begins the modal loop.

func runModal(with: NSPrintInfo) -> Int

Displays the receiver’s Print panel and runs the modal loop using the specified printing information.