Constants to be used as job style hints for activating the simplified Print panel interface and setting the options to display.


struct JobStyleHint


Type Properties

static let photo: NSPrintPanel.JobStyleHint

Output contains photographic data.

static let allPresets: NSPrintPanel.JobStyleHint

Output appropriate to all graphics types. Equivalent to Core Printing’s kPMPresetGraphicsTypeAll.

static let noPresets: NSPrintPanel.JobStyleHint

Output excludes all graphics printing. Equivalent to Core Printing’s kPMPresetGraphicsTypeNone.


See Also

Customizing the Panel

var jobStyleHint: NSPrintPanel.JobStyleHint?

The type of settings that the print panel displays.

var options: NSPrintPanel.Options

The current configuration options for the Print panel.

struct NSPrintPanel.Options

These constants are used to configure the contents of the main Print panel.

func defaultButtonTitle() -> String?

Returns the title of the Print panel’s default button.

func setDefaultButtonTitle(String?)

Sets the title of the Print panel’s default button.

var helpAnchor: NSHelpManager.AnchorName?

The HTML help anchor associated with the Print panel.