Instance Method


Returns a set of strings identifying the key paths for any properties that might affect the built-in print preview. (optional)


- (NSSet<NSString *> *)keyPathsForValuesAffectingPreview;

Return Value

A set of NSString objects identifying one or more key paths. Only key paths for properties that might affect the contents of the print preview should be returned.


If an accessory view modifies printing-related properties that are used by the print preview, you should implement this method to return the key paths for those properties. For example, if you write an accessory view that lets the user change the left and right document margins in the current NSPrintInfo object, you would return the following key paths: representedObject.leftMargin, representedObject.rightMargin. (The NSPrintInfo object is the represented object of the accessory controller.)

Implementation of this method is optional. You do not need to implement this method if you are not using the NSPrintPanel object’s built-in preview facilities. If you do use these facilities, however, you should implement this method.

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- localizedSummaryItems

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These keys must be included in the dictionaries returned by the localizedSummaryItems method.