Instance Method


Returns an array of dictionaries containing the localized user setting summary strings.



Return Value

An array of NSDictionary objects, each of which contains a NSPrintPanelAccessorySummaryItemNameKey and NSPrintPanelAccessorySummaryItemDescriptionKey key. The values for the keys are both strings. This method must not return nil.


Accessory panels must implement this method to return information about the panel’s current settings. The returned array should contain a dictionary for each setting that is managed by the accessory panel and each dictionary should contain two key-value pairs identifying the name of the setting and its current value.

Your accessory view must be KVO-compliant for the localizedSummaryItems key path because NSPrintPanel object observes that key path and uses it to keep the contents of the summary view up to date. This means your view should manually send KVO notifications to observers for the localizedSummaryItems key path whenever the contents of the set of summary items changes. For more information on supporting key-value observing and manual notifications, see Key-Value Observing Programming Guide.

See Also

Responding to Being Loaded from a Nib File

- keyPathsForValuesAffectingPreview

Returns a set of strings identifying the key paths for any properties that might affect the built-in print preview. (optional)


These keys must be included in the dictionaries returned by the localizedSummaryItems method.