Instance Method


Notifies the receiver that it’s been asked to relinquish its status as first responder in its window.


func resignFirstResponder() -> Bool


The default implementation returns true, resigning first responder status. Subclasses can override this method to update state or perform some action such as unhighlighting the selection, or to return false, refusing to relinquish first responder status.

Use the NSWindow makeFirstResponder(_:) method, not this method, to make an object the first responder. Never invoke this method directly.

See Also

Changing the First Responder

var acceptsFirstResponder: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the responder accepts first responder status.

func becomeFirstResponder() -> Bool

Notifies the receiver that it’s about to become first responder in its NSWindow.

func validateProposedFirstResponder(NSResponder, for: NSEvent?) -> Bool

Allows controls to determine when they should become first responder.