Instance Property


The user-editable filename currently shown in the name field.


var nameFieldStringValue: String { get set }


The value of this property must not be nil. Note that the filename may not display an extension if the value of isExtensionHidden is true.

See Also

Configuring the Panel's Appearance

var title: String!

The title of the panel.

var prompt: String!

The text to display in the default button.

var message: String!

The message text displayed in the panel.

var nameFieldLabel: String!

The label text displayed in front of the filename text field.

var directoryURL: URL?

The current directory shown in the panel.

var accessoryView: NSView?

The custom accessory view for the current app.

var showsTagField: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the panel displays the Tags field.

var tagNames: [String]?

The tag names that you want to include on a saved file.