Type Property


Returns an array of screen objects representing all of the screens available on the system.


@property(class, readonly, copy) NSArray<NSScreen *> *screens;

Return Value

An array of the NSScreen objects available on the current system.


The screen at index 0 in the returned array corresponds to the primary screen of the user’s system. This is the screen that contains the menu bar and whose origin is at the point (0, 0). In the case of mirroring, the first screen is the largest drawable display; if all screens are the same size, it is the screen with the highest pixel depth. This primary screen may not be the same as the one returned by the mainScreen method, which returns the screen with the active window.

The array should not be cached. Screens can be added, removed, or dynamically reconfigured at any time. When the display configuration is changed, the default notification center sends a NSApplicationDidChangeScreenParametersNotification notification.

See Also

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Returns the screen object containing the window with the keyboard focus.


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