Instance Property


The maximum possible color component value for the screen when it's in extended dynamic range (EDR) mode.


var maximumPotentialExtendedDynamicRangeColorComponentValue: CGFloat { get }


The value of this property is determined when you create the NSScreen object, and doesn't change afterwards. If this property is greater than 1.0, the screen supports EDR values. If the screen doesn't support EDR values, the value is 1.0.

The actual maximum value might be lower than this property's value, and can change dynamically, depending on the capabilities of the display hardware and other conditions. See maximumExtendedDynamicRangeColorComponentValue.

See Also

Extended Dynamic Range

var maximumExtendedDynamicRangeColorComponentValue: CGFloat

The current maximum color component value for the screen.

var maximumReferenceExtendedDynamicRangeColorComponentValue: CGFloat

The current maximum color component value for reference rendering to the screen.