Instance Method


Draws the scroll button indicated by arrow, which is either NSScrollerIncrementArrow (the down or right scroll button) or NSScrollerDecrementArrow (up or left).


- (void)drawArrow:(NSScrollerArrow)whichArrow highlight:(BOOL)flag;


If flag is YES, the button is drawn highlighted; otherwise it’s drawn normally. You should never need to invoke this method directly, but may wish to override it to customize the appearance of scroll buttons.

See Also

Drawing Scroller Parts

- drawKnobSlotInRect:highlight:

Draws the portion of the scroller’s track, possibly including the line increment and decrement arrow buttons, that falls in the given rectangle.

- drawKnob

Draws the knob.

- drawParts

Caches images for the scroll buttons and knob.

- highlight:

Highlights or unhighlights the scroll button the user clicked.