Instance Method


Returns the rectangle occupied by aPart, which for this method is interpreted literally rather than as an indicator of scrolling direction.


- (NSRect)rectForPart:(NSScrollerPart)partCode;


See NSScrollerPart for a list of possible values for aPart.

Note the interpretations of NSScrollerDecrementPage and NSScrollerIncrementPage. The actual part of an NSScroller that causes page-by-page scrolling varies, so as a convenience these part codes refer to useful parts different from the scroll buttons.

Returns NSZeroRect if the part requested isn’t present on the receiver.

See Also

Calculating Layout

- testPart:

Returns the part that would be hit by a mouse-down event at aPoint (expressed in the window’s coordinate system).

- checkSpaceForParts

Checks to see if there is enough room in the receiver to display the knob and buttons.


A value that indicates which parts of the receiver are displayed and usable.