Instance Method


Highlights or unhighlights the scroll button the user clicked.


- (void)highlight:(BOOL)flag;


The receiver invokes this method while tracking the mouse; you should not invoke it directly. If flag is YES, the appropriate part is drawn highlighted; otherwise it’s drawn normally.

Special Considerations

This method has no effect in macOS 10.7 and later.

See Also

Drawing Scroller Parts

- drawArrow:highlight:

Draws the scroll button indicated by arrow, which is either NSScrollerIncrementArrow (the down or right scroll button) or NSScrollerDecrementArrow (up or left).

- drawKnobSlotInRect:highlight:

Draws the portion of the scroller’s track, possibly including the line increment and decrement arrow buttons, that falls in the given rectangle.

- drawKnob

Draws the knob.

- drawParts

Caches images for the scroll buttons and knob.