Instance Property


The distance that the scroll view’s subviews are inset from the enclosing scroll view during tiling.


@property NSEdgeInsets contentInsets;


When the value of this property is equal to NSEdgeInsetsZero, traditional tiling is performed. Rulers, headers, and other subviews are tiled with the contentView frame filling the remaining space. When the value of this property is not equal to NSEdgeInsetsZero, the rulers, headers, and other subviews are inset as specified. The contentView is placed underneath these sibling views and is only inset by the scroll view border and non-overlay scrollers.

See NSEdgeInsets for possible values.

When the value of the automaticallyAdjustsContentInsets property is YES, any value of this property is overridden during tiling.

See Also

Managing Insets


A Boolean that indicates whether the scroll view automatically adjusts its content insets.


The distance the scrollers are inset from the edge of the scroll view.