Instance Property


A setting that determines whether interaction with the scrubber is fixed or free.


var mode: NSScrubber.Mode { get set }


When set to NSScrubber.Mode.fixed, the scrubber's content does not scroll as the user pans. Instead, the element under the user's finger is highlighted. The highlighted item becomes selected when the user completes the pan gesture. The default value is NSScrubber.Mode.fixed.

When mode is set to, panning over the scrubber scrolls the scrubber's content. A user selects items by tapping on them.

See Also

Changing the Layout

var scrubberLayout: NSScrubberLayout

An object used to describe the layout of items within the scrubber.

enum NSScrubber.Mode

The scrolling behavior for a scrubber.

var itemAlignment: NSScrubber.Alignment

A setting that specifies the snapping behavior of items in the scrubber.

enum NSScrubber.Alignment

The specified preferred alignment of items within the scrubber, when they come to rest following a user’s scrolling or paging interaction.

var isContinuous: Bool

A Boolean value that, together with the mode property, determines scrubber interaction style.