A protocol that a scrubber delegate can adopt to provide the size of an item.


protocol NSScrubberFlowLayoutDelegate


This protocol conforms to the NSScrubberDelegate protocol. Create an object that conforms to NSScrubberFlowLayoutDelegate and assign it to the delegate property of your scrubber object.


Controlling the Item Size

func scrubber(NSScrubber, layout: NSScrubberFlowLayout, sizeForItemAt: Int) -> NSSize

Asks the delegate for the size of each item in a scrubber whose items are arranged in a flow layout.


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Scrubber Layouts

class NSScrubberFlowLayout

A concrete layout object that arranges items end-to-end in a linear strip.

class NSScrubberProportionalLayout

A concrete layout object that sizes each item to some fraction of the scrubber's visible size.

class NSScrubberLayoutAttributes

The layout of a scrubber item.

class NSScrubberLayout

An abstract class that describes the layout of items within a scrubber control.