A concrete layout object that sizes each item to some fraction of the scrubber's visible size.


class NSScrubberProportionalLayout : NSScrubberLayout


Initializing a Proprotional Layout

init(numberOfVisibleItems: Int)

Initializes and returns a newly allocated proportional layout, configured to display the given number of items.

init(coder: NSCoder)

Initializes and returns a newly allocated proprotional layout object from a storyboard or nib file.

Configuring the Layout

var numberOfVisibleItems: Int

The number of items visible in the scrubber at once.


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Scrubber Layouts

class NSScrubberFlowLayout

A concrete layout object that arranges items end-to-end in a linear strip.

protocol NSScrubberFlowLayoutDelegate

A protocol that a scrubber delegate can adopt to provide the size of an item.

class NSScrubberLayoutAttributes

The layout of a scrubber item.

class NSScrubberLayout

An abstract class that describes the layout of items within a scrubber control.