Instance Property


When the tracking mode for the control is set to use a momentary accelerator, returns a value for the selected segment.


var doubleValueForSelectedSegment: Double { get }

Return Value

The value of the selected segment interpreted as a double-precision floating-point number.


This method is intended for use with controls whose tracking mode is set to NSSegmentedControl.SwitchTracking.momentaryAccelerator. An assertion will occur if this method is called for other types of segmented controls.

See Also

Managing the Selected Segment

var selectedSegment: Int

The index of the selected segment of the control, or -1 if no segment is selected.

func selectSegment(withTag: Int) -> Bool

Selects the segment with the specified tag.

func setSelected(Bool, forSegment: Int)

Sets the selection state of the specified segment.

func isSelected(forSegment: Int) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the specified segment is selected.

var selectedSegmentBezelColor: NSColor?

The color of the selected segment's bezel, in appearances that support it.