Instance Property


When the tracking mode for the control is set to use a momentary accelerator, returns a value for the selected segment.


@property(readonly) double doubleValueForSelectedSegment;

Return Value

The value of the selected segment interpreted as a double-precision floating-point number.


This method is intended for use with controls whose tracking mode is set to NSSegmentSwitchTrackingMomentaryAccelerator. An assertion will occur if this method is called for other types of segmented controls.

See Also

Managing the Selected Segment


The index of the selected segment of the control, or -1 if no segment is selected.

- selectSegmentWithTag:

Selects the segment with the specified tag.

- setSelected:forSegment:

Sets the selection state of the specified segment.

- isSelectedForSegment:

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the specified segment is selected.


The color of the selected segment's bezel, in appearances that support it.