Instance Method


Called immediately prior to the performance of a storyboard segue.


optional func shouldPerformSegue(withIdentifier identifier: NSStoryboardSegue.Identifier, sender: Any?) -> Bool



The string that identifies the segue to be performed.

Using the Interface Builder inspector, provide a unique identifier string for each segue in a storyboard. The system provides a segue’s identifier to this parameter when it calls this method. The identifier string is used to locate the segue inside the storyboard file that contains the view controller.


The object that initiated the segue. This object is made available for informational purposes during the segue.

Return Value

true to allow a segue to proceed or false to stop it from proceeding.


Override this method to return false for cases where you want to prevent the performance of a segue. By default, invocation of a segue results in the segue being performed.

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