A set of methods that support the mediation of a custom segue.


protocol NSSeguePerforming


When you subclass NSStoryboardSegue to express a custom transition or containment relationship between storyboard scenes, you might also want to provide code that prepares the destination/contained view or window controller object. Put this code in an override of the prepare(for:sender:) method.

To conditionally disallow the performance of a segue, override the shouldPerformSegue(withIdentifier:sender:) method, returning false.If you need to programmatically trigger a segue that cannot be expressed in a storyboard file, such as a transition between scenes in different storyboards, use the performSegue(withIdentifier:sender:) method in this protocol.


Working with Storyboard Segues


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class NSStoryboard

An encapsulation of the design-time view controller and window controller graph represented in an Interface Builder storyboard resource file.

class NSStoryboardSegue

A transition or containment relationship between two scenes in a storyboard.