Instance Method


Returns the window that contained the share items.


optional func sharingService(_ sharingService: NSSharingService, sourceWindowForShareItems items: [Any], sharingContentScope: UnsafeMutablePointer<NSSharingService.SharingContentScope>) -> NSWindow?



The sharing service.


The items being shared.


The sharing content scope. The sharing scope can be modified from the default value of NSSharingService.SharingContentScope.item by setting a different value in the out parameter sharingContentScope. See NSSharingService.SharingContentScope for supported values.

Return Value

The window of the shared items.


The following is an example implementation of this method. It changes the item scope, and returns the window the source image view is contained within.

- (NSWindow *)sharingService:(NSSharingService *)sharingService
              sourceWindowForShareItems:(NSArray *)items
              sharingContentScope:(NSSharingContentScope *)sharingContentScope
    *sharingContentScope = NSSharingContentScopeItem;
    return [_imageView window];

See Also

Customizing Transition Animation

func sharingService(NSSharingService, sourceFrameOnScreenForShareItem: Any) -> NSRect

Invoked when the sharing service is performed and the sharing window is displayed, to present a transition between the original items and the sharing window.

enum NSSharingService.SharingContentScope

The sharing scope constants specify the nature of the things you are sharing.