A set of methods that you use to customize the position and animation of a share sheet, and to be notified whether the item is successfully shared.


protocol NSSharingServiceDelegate


See NSSharingService for more information.


Sharing Items

func sharingService(NSSharingService, willShareItems: [Any])

Invoked when the sharing service will share the specified items.

func sharingService(NSSharingService, didShareItems: [Any])

Invoked when the sharing service has finished sharing the items.

func sharingService(NSSharingService, didFailToShareItems: [Any], error: Error)

Invoked when the sharing service encountered an error when sharing items.

Customizing Transition Animation

func sharingService(NSSharingService, sourceFrameOnScreenForShareItem: Any) -> NSRect

Invoked when the sharing service is performed and the sharing window is displayed, to present a transition between the original items and the sharing window.

enum NSSharingService.SharingContentScope

The sharing scope constants specify the nature of the things you are sharing.


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See Also

Sharing Items and Customizing the UI

var delegate: NSSharingServiceDelegate?

Specifies the delegate of the sharing service.