A set of methods that you use to customize the service picker behavior.


protocol NSSharingServicePickerDelegate


See NSSharingServicePicker for more information about the sharing service picker.


Proposed Sharing Services

func sharingServicePicker(NSSharingServicePicker, sharingServicesForItems: [Any], proposedSharingServices: [NSSharingService]) -> [NSSharingService]

Invoked to allow the delegate to customize exactly what appears in the sharing service picker before it is presented.

Customizing Behavior

func sharingServicePicker(NSSharingServicePicker, delegateFor: NSSharingService) -> NSSharingServiceDelegate?

Invoked to provide the delegate to the sharing service when the user has selected a service.

func sharingServicePicker(NSSharingServicePicker, didChoose: NSSharingService?)

Invoked when the user has selected a service and before it is executed.

See Also

App Services

class NSSharingService

A service that lets users share content with other services, such as social media services, or apps, such as Mail and Safari.

class NSSharingServicePicker

A list of sharing services from which the user can choose.

protocol NSServicesMenuRequestor

A set of methods that support interaction with items users can share through a sharing service.

protocol NSCloudSharingServiceDelegate

A protocol that an iCloud-sharing service implements to handle status changes and errors.