Instance Method


Draws the slider’s bar—but not its bezel or knob—inside the specified rectangle.


- (void)drawBarInside:(NSRect)rect flipped:(BOOL)flipped;



The bounds of the slider's bar, not of its interior rectangle.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the cell’s control view—that is, the NSSlider or NSMatrix associated with the NSSliderCell—has a flipped coordinate system.


You should not call this method explicitly. It’s included so you can override it in a subclass.

See Also

Displaying the Cell

- barRectFlipped:

Returns the rectangle in which the bar is drawn.

- drawTickMarks

Draws the slider’s tick marks.

- knobRectFlipped:

Returns the rectangle in which the slider knob is drawn.

- drawKnob

Calculates the rectangle in which the knob should be drawn, then calls drawKnob: to actually draw the knob.

- drawKnob:

Draws the slider knob in the given rectangle.