Instance Method


Calculates the rectangle in which the knob should be drawn, then calls drawKnob(_:) to actually draw the knob.


func drawKnob()


Before this message is sent, a lockFocus method must be sent to the cell’s control view.

You might call this method if you override one of the display methods belonging to NSControl or NSCell.

Special Considerations

If you create a subclass of NSSliderCell, don’t override this method. Override drawKnob(_:) instead.

See Also

Displaying the Cell

func barRect(flipped: Bool) -> NSRect

Returns the rectangle in which the bar is drawn.

func drawTickMarks()

Draws the slider’s tick marks.

func knobRect(flipped: Bool) -> NSRect

Returns the rectangle in which the slider knob is drawn.

func drawBar(inside: NSRect, flipped: Bool)

Draws the slider’s bar—but not its bezel or knob—inside the specified rectangle.

func drawKnob(NSRect)

Draws the slider knob in the given rectangle.