Instance Property


The position of the tick marks relative to the receiver.


@property NSTickMarkPosition tickMarkPosition;


The value of this property is a constant indicating the position of the tick marks. Possible values are described in NSTickMarkPosition. The default alignments are NSTickMarkBelow and NSTickMarkLeft. Setting this property has no effect if no tick marks have been assigned (that is, if numberOfTickMarks is 0).

See Also

Managing Tick Marks


A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver fixes its values to those values represented by its tick marks.

- closestTickMarkValueToValue:

Returns the value of the tick mark closest to the specified value.

- indexOfTickMarkAtPoint:

Returns the index of the tick mark closest to the location of the slider represented by the specified point.


The number of tick marks associated with the slider, including the tick marks assigned to the minimum and maximum values.

- rectOfTickMarkAtIndex:

Returns the bounding rectangle of the tick mark at the specified index.

- tickMarkValueAtIndex:

Returns the receiver’s value represented by the tick mark at the specified index.