Returns the NSSound instance associated with a given name.


init?(named name: NSSound.Name)



Name that identifies sound data.

Return Value

NSSound instance initialized with the sound data identified by soundName.


The returned object can be one of the following:

  • One that’s been assigned a name with the name property

  • One of the named system sounds provided by the Application Kit framework

If there’s no known NSSound object with soundName, this method tries to create one by searching for sound files in the application’s main bundle (see Bundle for a description of how the bundle’s contents are searched). If no sound file can be located in the application main bundle, the following directories are searched in order:

  • ~/Library/Sounds

  • /Library/Sounds

  • /Network/Library/Sounds

  • /System/Library/Sounds

If no data can be found for soundName, no object is created, and nil is returned.

The preferred way to locate a sound is to pass a name without the file extension. See the class description for a list of the supported sound file extensions.

See Also

Getting Sound Information

class var soundUnfilteredTypes: [String]

Provides the file types the NSSound class understands.

var duration: TimeInterval

The duration of the sound, in seconds.