Instance Method


Begins synthesizing text into a sound (AIFF) file.


func startSpeaking(_ string: String, to url: URL) -> Bool



Text to speak. When nil or empty, no synthesis is started.


Filesystem location of the output sound file.

Return Value

true when synthesis starts successfully, false otherwise.


When synthesis of text finishes normally or is stopped, the message speechSynthesizer(_:didFinishSpeaking:) is sent to the delegate.

One example of how you might use this method is in an email program that automatically converts new messages into sound files that can be stored on an iPod for later listening.

See Also

Synthesizing Speech

var isSpeaking: Bool

Indicates whether the receiver is currently generating synthesized speech.

func startSpeaking(String) -> Bool

Begins speaking synthesized text through the system’s default sound output device.

func pauseSpeaking(at: NSSpeechSynthesizer.Boundary)

Pauses synthesis in progress at a given boundary.

func continueSpeaking()

Resumes synthesis.

func stopSpeaking()

Stops synthesis in progress.

func stopSpeaking(at: NSSpeechSynthesizer.Boundary)

Stops synthesis in progress at a given boundary.

enum NSSpeechSynthesizer.Boundary

These constants are used to indicate where speech should be stopped and paused. See pauseSpeaking(at:) and stopSpeaking(at:).