Type Method


Provides the attribute dictionary of a voice.


class func attributes(forVoice voice: NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceName) -> [NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceAttributeKey : Any]



Identifier of the voice whose attributes you want to obtain.

Return Value

Attribute dictionary of the voice identified by voiceIdentifier. The attributes keys and value types are listed in Voice Attributes Keys

See Also

Getting Speech Synthesizer Information

class var availableVoices: [NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceName]

Provides the identifiers of the voices available on the system.

class var defaultVoice: NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceName

Provides the identifier of the default voice.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceAttributeKey

The following constants are keys for the dictionary returned by attributes(forVoice:).