These constants identify key-value pairs used to add vocabulary to the dictionary using addSpeechDictionary(_:).


struct DictionaryKey


Type Properties

static let abbreviations: NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey

An array of dictionary objects containing the keys entrySpelling and entryPhonemes.

static let entryPhonemes: NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey

The phonemic representation of an entry. An NSString.

static let localeIdentifier: NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey

The canonical locale identifier string describing the dictionary's locale. A locale is generally composed of three pieces of ordered information: a language code, a region code, and a variant code. Refer to documentation about NSLocale or Internationalization and Localization Guide for more information

static let modificationDate: NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey

A string representation of the dictionary's last modification date in the international format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS ±HHMM). If the same word appears across multiple dictionaries, the one from the dictionary with the most recent date will be used.


See Also

Configuring Speech Attributes

func addSpeechDictionary([NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey : Any])

Registers the given speech dictionary with the receiver.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey

These constants are used with setObject(_:forProperty:) and object(forProperty:) to get or set the characteristics of a synthesizer.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.ErrorKey

Keys that identify errors that may occur during speech synthesis.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.PhonemeInfoKey

Keys for the speech phoneme information.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

Keys for the speech synthesizier status.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.SynthesizerInfoKey

Keys for the speech synthesizier information.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceGender

The following constants define voice gender attributes, which are the allowable values of the gender key returned by attributes(forVoice:).