Type Property


Indicates whether the synthesizer is currently producing speech.



A synthesizer is considered to be producing speech even at some times when no audio data is being produced through the computer’s speaker. This occurs, for example, when the synthesizer is processing input, but has not yet initiated speech or when speech output is paused.

See Also

Status Keys

static let numberOfCharactersLeft: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

The number of characters left in the input string of text.

static let outputPaused: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

Indicates whether speech output in the synthesizer has been paused by sending the message pauseSpeaking(at:).

static let phonemeCode: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

Indicates that the synthesizer is in phoneme-processing mode. When in phoneme-processing mode, a text buffer is interpreted to be a series of characters representing various phonemes and prosodic controls.