Keys for the speech synthesizier status.


struct StatusKey


Use these keys in the status dictionary.


Status Keys

static let numberOfCharactersLeft: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

The number of characters left in the input string of text.

static let outputBusy: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

Indicates whether the synthesizer is currently producing speech.

static let outputPaused: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

Indicates whether speech output in the synthesizer has been paused by sending the message pauseSpeaking(at:).

static let phonemeCode: NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.StatusKey

Indicates that the synthesizer is in phoneme-processing mode. When in phoneme-processing mode, a text buffer is interpreted to be a series of characters representing various phonemes and prosodic controls.


See Also

Configuring Speech Attributes

func addSpeechDictionary([NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey : Any])

Registers the given speech dictionary with the receiver.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.DictionaryKey

These constants identify key-value pairs used to add vocabulary to the dictionary using addSpeechDictionary(_:).

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey

These constants are used with setObject(_:forProperty:) and object(forProperty:) to get or set the characteristics of a synthesizer.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.ErrorKey

Keys that identify errors that may occur during speech synthesis.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.PhonemeInfoKey

Keys for the speech phoneme information.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.SpeechPropertyKey.SynthesizerInfoKey

Keys for the speech synthesizier information.

struct NSSpeechSynthesizer.VoiceGender

The following constants define voice gender attributes, which are the allowable values of the gender key returned by attributes(forVoice:).