Instance Property


Provides a subset of the available languages to be used for spell checking.


var userPreferredLanguages: [String] { get }

Return Value

An array containing the user’s preferred languages for spell checking. The order is set in the system preferences.


If automaticallyIdentifiesLanguages is true, then text checking will automatically use this method as appropriate; otherwise, it will use the language set by setLanguage(_:).

The older checkSpelling(of:startingAt:language:wrap:inSpellDocumentWithTag:wordCount:) and checkGrammar(of:startingAt:language:wrap:inSpellDocumentWithTag:details:). methods will use the language set by setLanguage(_:), if they are called with a nil language argument.

See Also

Configuring Spell Checkers Languages

var availableLanguages: [String]

Provides a list of all available languages.

var automaticallyIdentifiesLanguages: Bool

Sets whether the spell checker will automatically identify languages.

func language() -> String

Returns the current language used in spell checking.

func setLanguage(String) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified language is in the Spelling pop-up list.