Instance Method


Sets the string that appears in the misspelled word field, using the string object aString.


- (void)setWordFieldStringValue:(NSString *)string;

See Also

Managing the Spell-Checking Process

+ uniqueSpellDocumentTag

Returns a guaranteed unique tag to use as the spell-document tag for a document.

- closeSpellDocumentWithTag:

Notifies the receiver that the user has finished with the tagged document.

- ignoreWord:inSpellDocumentWithTag:

Instructs the spell checker to ignore all future occurrences of wordToIgnore in the document identified by tag.

- ignoredWordsInSpellDocumentWithTag:

Returns the array of ignored words for a document identified by tag.

- setIgnoredWords:inSpellDocumentWithTag:

Initializes the ignored-words document (a dictionary identified by tag with someWords), an array of words to ignore.

- updateSpellingPanelWithMisspelledWord:

Causes the spell checker to update the Spelling panel’s misspelled-word field to reflect word.

- completionsForPartialWordRange:inString:language:inSpellDocumentWithTag:

Provides a list of complete words that the user might be trying to type based on a partial word in a given string.

- hasLearnedWord:

Indicates whether the spell checker has learned a given word.

- unlearnWord:

Tells the spell checker to unlearn a given word.

- forgetWord:

Remove this word from the spelling dictionary.

- learnWord:

Adds the word to the spell checker dictionary.

- userQuotesArrayForLanguage:

Returns the default values for quote replacement.


Returns the dictionary used when replacing words.