Instance Property


The color of the dividers that the split view draws between subviews.


@NSCopying var dividerColor: NSColor { get }


The default implementation of this method returns clear when NSSplitView returns NSSplitView.DividerStyle.thick or when NSSplitView returns NSSplitView.DividerStyle.paneSplitter and the receiver is in a textured window. All other thin dividers are drawn with a color that looks good between two white panes.

You can subclass NSSplitView and override this method to change the color of dividers.

See Also

Configuring and Drawing Dividers

var dividerStyle: NSSplitView.DividerStyle

The style of divider drawn between views.

var dividerThickness: CGFloat

The thickness of the dividers for the split view.

func drawDivider(in: NSRect)

Draws a divider between two of the receiver’s subviews.