Instance Method


Adjusts the sizes of the split view’s subviews so they (plus the dividers) fill the split view.


func adjustSubviews()


When you call this method, the split view’s subviews are resized proportionally; the relative sizes of the subviews do not change.

The default implementation of this method resizes subviews proportionally so that the ratio of heights (when using horizontal dividers) or widths (when using vertical dividers) does not change, even though the absolute sizes change.

Call this method on split views from which subviews have been added or removed, to reestablish the consistency of subview placement.

This method invalidates the cursor when it is over a divider, ensuring the cursor is always of the correct type during and after resizing animations.

See Also

Managing Subviews

func isSubviewCollapsed(NSView) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified view is collapsed.

func holdingPriorityForSubview(at: Int) -> NSLayoutConstraint.Priority

Returns the priority of the subview’s width or height when resizing.

func setHoldingPriority(NSLayoutConstraint.Priority, forSubviewAt: Int)

Sets the priority under which split view subviews maintain their width or height.