Instance Method


Returns the priority of the subview’s width or height when resizing.


func holdingPriorityForSubview(at subviewIndex: Int) -> NSLayoutConstraint.Priority



The index of the subview.

Return Value

Returns the layout priority of the subview at the index.


The priority is the manner under which split view subviews hold their widths (for a vertical split view) or height (for a horizontal split view). The view with the lowest priority will be the first to take on additional width if the split view grows or shrinks.

See Also

Managing Subviews

func adjustSubviews()

Adjusts the sizes of the split view’s subviews so they (plus the dividers) fill the split view.

func isSubviewCollapsed(NSView) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified view is collapsed.

func setHoldingPriority(NSLayoutConstraint.Priority, forSubviewAt: Int)

Sets the priority under which split view subviews maintain their width or height.