Instance Property


The array of split view items that correspond to the split view controller’s child view controllers.


var splitViewItems: [NSSplitViewItem] { get set }


Setting this property implicitly calls the insertSplitViewItem(_:at:) or removeSplitViewItem(_:) method, as appropriate, to add or remove split view items from this array.

If you add a child view controller to the split view controller, a default split view item is automatically created for the child view controller and is added to the splitViewItems array.

If you remove a child view controller, its corresponding split view item is removed from the splitViewItems array.

See Also

Configuring and Managing a Split View Controller

var splitView: NSSplitView

The split view managed by the split view controller.

func splitViewItem(for: NSViewController) -> NSSplitViewItem?

Returns the corresponding split view item for a given child view controller of the split view controller.