Instance Method


Allows the delegate to determine whether a divider can be dragged or adjusted off the edge of the split view.


- (BOOL)splitView:(NSSplitView *)splitView shouldHideDividerAtIndex:(NSInteger)dividerIndex;



The split view that sent the message.


The zero-based index of the divider.

Return Value

YES if the divider should allow dragging off the edge of the split view, resulting in it not being visible.


If a split view has no delegate, or if its delegate does not respond to this message, the split view behaves as if it has a delegate that returns NO when sent this message.

See Also

Configuring and Drawing View Dividers

- splitView:effectiveRect:forDrawnRect:ofDividerAtIndex:

Allows the delegate to modify the rectangle in which mouse clicks initiate divider dragging.

- splitView:additionalEffectiveRectOfDividerAtIndex:

Allows the delegate to return an additional rectangle in which mouse clicks will initiate divider dragging.