Instance Method


Allows the delegate to return an additional rectangle in which mouse clicks will initiate divider dragging.


- (NSRect)splitView:(NSSplitView *)splitView additionalEffectiveRectOfDividerAtIndex:(NSInteger)dividerIndex;



The split view that sent the message.


The index of the divider.

Return Value

An additional rectangle in which mouse clicks should initiate divider dragging. The rectangle should be expressed in the coordinate system defined by splitView. Returning NSZeroRect indicates no additional dragging rectangle is desired.


If a split view has no delegate, or if its delegate does not respond to this message, only mouse clicks within the effective frame of a divider initiate divider dragging.

See Also

Configuring and Drawing View Dividers

- splitView:effectiveRect:forDrawnRect:ofDividerAtIndex:

Allows the delegate to modify the rectangle in which mouse clicks initiate divider dragging.

- splitView:shouldHideDividerAtIndex:

Allows the delegate to determine whether a divider can be dragged or adjusted off the edge of the split view.