Instance Property


The view alignment within the stack view.


var alignment: NSLayoutConstraint.Attribute { get set }


The default value for this property depends on whether the stack view is horizontal or vertical:

These constants are described as part of the NSLayoutConstraint.Attribute enumeration in NSLayoutConstraint; see that enumeration for the other possible alignment values.

See Also

Configuring the Stack View Layout

var orientation: NSUserInterfaceLayoutOrientation

The horizontal or vertical layout direction of the stack view.

enum NSUserInterfaceLayoutOrientation

The stack view layout directions, and user interface axes for hugging priority and clipping resistance.

var spacing: CGFloat

The minimum spacing, in points, between adjacent views in the stack view.

var edgeInsets: NSEdgeInsets

The geometric padding, in points, inside the stack view, surrounding its views.

var hasEqualSpacing: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the spacing between adjacent views should be equal to each other.