Instance Method


Returns the Auto Layout priority for the stack view to minimize its size to fit its contained views as closely as possible, for a specified user interface axis.


func huggingPriority(for orientation: NSLayoutConstraint.Orientation) -> NSLayoutConstraint.Priority



The user interface axis (horizontal or vertical) whose hugging priority you want to get from the stack view. Valid values are those in the NSUserInterfaceLayoutOrientation enumeration.

Return Value

The Auto Layout priority for the stack view to minimize its size.

See Also

Inspecting a Stack View

var views: [NSView]

The array of views owned by the stack view.

func views(in: NSStackView.Gravity) -> [NSView]

Returns the array of views in the specified gravity area in the stack view.

var detachedViews: [NSView]

An array that contains the detached views from all the stack view’s gravity areas.

func clippingResistancePriority(for: NSLayoutConstraint.Orientation) -> NSLayoutConstraint.Priority

Returns the Auto Layout priority for resisting clipping of views in the stack view when Auto Layout attempts to reduce the stack view’s size.