Instance Method


Returns the Auto Layout priority for resisting clipping of views in the stack view when Auto Layout attempts to reduce the stack view’s size.


- (NSLayoutPriority)clippingResistancePriorityForOrientation:(NSLayoutConstraintOrientation)orientation;



The stack view layout direction to which the clipping resistance priority applies.

Return Value

A layout constraint priority that identifies the clipping resistance for the stack view.


For an explanation of clipping resistance and how to use it for a stack view, see the setClippingResistancePriority:forOrientation: method.

See Also

Inspecting a Stack View


The array of views owned by the stack view.

- viewsInGravity:

Returns the array of views in the specified gravity area in the stack view.


An array that contains the detached views from all the stack view’s gravity areas.

- huggingPriorityForOrientation:

Returns the Auto Layout priority for the stack view to minimize its size to fit its contained views as closely as possible, for a specified user interface axis.