Instance Method


Performs a visual transition from one controller to another.


func perform()


You can override this method in your NSStoryboardSegue subclass to perform custom animation between the starting/containing controller and the ending/contained controller for a storyboard segue. Typically, you would use Core Animation to set up an animation from one set of views to the next. For more complex animations, you might take a snapshot image of the two view hierarchies and manipulate the images instead of the view objects.

Regardless of how you perform the animation, you are responsible for installing the destination view controller o window controller (and its contained views) in the right place so that it can handle events. Typically, this entails calling one of the presentation methods in the NSViewController class.

See Also

Customizing Storyboard Segue Initialization and Invocation

init(identifier: NSStoryboardSegue.Identifier, source: Any, destination: Any, performHandler: () -> Void)

Creates a storyboard segue and a block used when the segue is performed.