Instance Method


Draws the background of the row in the rectangle.


func drawBackground(in dirtyRect: NSRect)



The rectangle that requires drawing.


Overriding this method allows an application to draw a custom background for a table row view.

By default, this method draws the background color or group row style as appropriate for the row. This method also draws the “below look” for a drop target if isTargetForDropOperation is true.

See Also

Overriding Row View Display Characteristics

var backgroundColor: NSColor

The background color of the row.

func drawDraggingDestinationFeedback(in: NSRect)

Draws the row’s dragging destination feedback when the entire row is a drop target.

func drawSelection(in: NSRect)

Draws the selected row.

func drawSeparator(in: NSRect)

Draws the horizontal separator between table rows.