Instance Property


The background color of the row.


@property(copy) NSColor *backgroundColor;


The property defaults to the table view’s backgroundColor, unless usesAlternatingRowBackgroundColors is set to YES. In that case, the colors alternate, and are automatically updated as required by insertions and deletions.

The value of the background color can be customized in the NSTableViewDelegate method tableView:didAddRowView:forRow:. The property is animatable.

See Also

Overriding Row View Display Characteristics

- drawBackgroundInRect:

Draws the background of the row in the rectangle.

- drawDraggingDestinationFeedbackInRect:

Draws the row’s dragging destination feedback when the entire row is a drop target.

- drawSelectionInRect:

Draws the selected row.

- drawSeparatorInRect:

Draws the horizontal separator between table rows.