Instance Method


Registers a NIB for the specified identifier, so that view-based table views can use it to instantiate views.


- (void)registerNib:(NSNib *)nib forIdentifier:(NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier)identifier;



The nib containing the view.


The identifier of the view to create.


Use this method to associate one of the NIB's cell views with identifier so that the table can instantiate this view when requested. This method is used when makeViewWithIdentifier:owner: is called, and there was no NIB created at design time for the specified identifier. This allows dynamic loading of NIBs that can be associated with the table.

Because a NIB can contain multiple views, you can associate the same NIB with multiple identifiers. To remove a previously associated NIB for identifier, pass in nil for the nib value.

See Also

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The dictionary of all registered nib files for view-based table view identifiers.