Instance Method


Returns the index of the row for the specified view.


func row(for view: NSView) -> Int



The view for which to retrieve the row.

Return Value

The index of the row containing to view. This method returns -1 if the view is not in the table view. This method may also return -1 if the row containing the view is being animated away, such as during the deletion of a row.


This method is typically called in the action method for an NSButton (or NSControl) to find out what row (and column) the action should be performed on.

The implementation is O(n) where n is the number of visible rows, so this method should generally not be called within a loop.

See Also

Updating the Table View Arrangement

func beginUpdates()

Begins a group of updates for the table view.

func endUpdates()

Ends the group of updates for the table view.

func moveRow(at: Int, to: Int)

Moves the specified row to the new row location using animation.

func column(for: NSView) -> Int

Returns the column index for the specified view.